About Us

About our practice

At The DentalArt Centre, we provide the highest level of care and service to all our patients; this is achieved by using the best quality materials and the latest techniques.

Our philosophy is to encourage and develop complete and comprehensive dental care. Our goal is to maintain our patients’ oral health at an optimal level. We provide complete dental care for all ages.

Our dentists regularly attend continuing education and postgraduate courses to keep pace with technical and material advances. Our practice utilizes state of the art techniques including digital radiography, laser procedures,and well- researched dental materials.

Our staff are very well trained and friendly and have long experience and loyalty to the practice. Our dentists have many years of experience.

While delays are occasionally unforeseen and unavoidable we understand how important time is to everybody, and we will strive to see all patients at their appointed time. We will always advise you if we are not likely to be on time.

Understanding Cost

Our fees reflect the level of treatment and care that we offer. This includes the quality of materials and equipments used, and the time we allocate for staff training.

Good dental care is one of the best investments you will ever make. Dental conditions vary in complexity and severity, and fees vary to reflect these differences. Our office chooses to be a private fee for service practice and payment is due when services are rendered.

Our office accepts major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express); cash and/ or EFTPOS services are also available. We have HICAPS available so that you can receive any insurance rebates on the spot for most treatment.

We are pleased to be able to treat Veterans, almost all treatment for Veterans with appropriate cover is at no cost.

Teen Dental Plans are also welcome at the DentalArt Cen

Infection Control

Dental Art Centre adheres to the highest standards of infection control. All staff are highly trained in this area and your safety is assured through sterilisation, disinfection and single use products.